Okutama Lake `Lake is brilliantly colored throughout four-seasons.`
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From delicate colored cherry blossoms, tender green leaves, blazed maple leaves to severe winter scenery, Okutama Lake gorgeously changes its beautiful costume. Around the Lake area, you can visit many historic places to be passed down from the past and can see old houses that preserve a nostalgic appearance. Together with your good friends, please come over to Okutama Lake where many smiling faces gather. Okutama Lake of Mountain
Okutama Lake of cherry blossoms
Okutama Lake

Information about Okutama Lake Vicinity
Floating Bridge
Floating Bridge Walking over Okutama Lake? You can do it when you use this floating bridge, Drum-Kan Bridge. Why don't you enjoy walking over this, feeling the wind passing other the Lake.
*In the drought period, the Drum-Kan Bridge is removed.
Minedani-Gawa Mountain Stream Fishing Spot
Minedani-Gawa Mountain Stream Fishing Spot For 40 minutes from Okutama Station by bus, this is the place for yamame fish (Oncorhynchus masou)and trout fishing spot, using pure water of Minetani-Gawa. You can either bake fish at the river side or eat ram-meat with great gusto at barbecue-house. Really enjoyable experience of fishing and savory dishes. Opens from March through November.